Wednesday, January 7

Again with the Facebook, Jennifer?

I know it's a cop out to not blog in forever, and then blog about Facebook. It's like trying to talk through your relationship issues with the other woman, no?

But it's such an interesting phenomenon! I've always used my bloggy blog to track my life, my REAL life, and it's public, so anyone could stumble upon it, but no one is really interested, and that works out for me. My brother knows it exists and stops by once in a blue moon, but I showed it to my folks, and they didn't really express an interest. I'm okay with that, it's kind of freeing. The Honey knows it's here, and he could read it at any time, but I am not a big secret keeper, so I'm okay there.

I type my thoughts to vent, and to keep my brain from atrophying because trash is just not that stimulating. But I also don't shy away from the suckier aspects of my life. I'm always a little taken aback when I go back a re-read my blog posts because I seem to be a bitter and ranting girl, which is not my day to day REAL life nature.

What I find funny is the nature of Facebook, which is a little more like the family Christmas letter. Everything's sunny and happy on Facebook. Former classmates have fabulous black and white photos, looking sleek and urbane, living the cocktail party existence... OR black and white and funkadelic, cool in that hipster way I never did pull off (Yes, Kris, that's YOU!).

I wanna put a photo of me with piles of laundry, hair still as frizzy and UNstyled as ever, maybe throw Little O hanging off of one arm as I cry at Big O's report card.

What a horrifying thought--am I like the Roseanne of Facebook?


Sayre said...

If you're Roseanne, I'm her messed up little sister... I look pretty normal on the outside, but inside is a whole labyrinth of weird. Not bad weird - just odd.

I'm trying to be more engaged with my life lately. It's so easy to get sucked into cyberworld and miss the real one. I've been limiting my FB time because I could spend HOURS there and not accomplish anything. But my blog is something I write for my son, so I feel it's important to keep up with that. BTW-I got rid of my farm. Too much work!

Jennfactor 10 said...

lol-I went back and looked at my friends on facebook and I guess there are only three that actually have the black and white pictures, but that sensation of seeing the christmas-letter side of people remains.

I signed over my farm to little O--it's all ponies all the time.