Tuesday, April 21

Thank you, thank you very, very, muu-u-u-u-uch.

I wasn't really expecting to get the Lohan/Spears Parenting trophy for the month of April.
I'm really quite overwhelmed.
In my defense, Little O really does think the song SAYS "Thank You". 
I didn't correct her.  So when my six year old skipped through Wal-Mart singing that sunny little Lily Allen song, she really was singing Thank you, and not in a wry social commentary sort of way.
Big O smirks, because he knows what the song is actually saying in it's chipper tones. 
It does end with a k, and the second word IS you.
Once Little O figures it out, she'll still sing it Thank you. 
But I was silently singing along with her as we fought the crowds last night, and I have to say, it was delicious.
I'm well aware I'm going to hell, no need to comment (hahahahahahaaaaa).

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