Saturday, June 27

Exxxxcellent margarita party has me drunk blogging this fine and wondrous evening.

Sweet Jeebus am I going to e sorry tomorrow. possibly tonight.

Major points to the honey for being my designated driver.

Salud to Miss Blunt for throwing a fan-tabulous partay, even if she did call me on the abundance of cleavage I was sporting. It's not my fault they could have their own zip code.

And for getting Miss Sunshine and my new partner in crime to show--both of whom swore they were in for my B-day and bailed. 8 months later and still bringing it up...not bitter, are we?

Need to send my best Jen a box of books now that she is trapped in the deep south. Actually needed to send them to her sooner that this, but everything works out for a reason. She would not have wanted to schlepp them all the way to 'bama, but now that she's THERE...

Must.make.sandwiches.for.Honey. No chance in hell I'm waking back up at 4:30 to make them like usual.


Jen said...

Yes, Please send me BOOKS!!! It sounds like you had a good party.

Jennfactor 10 said...

Lovely party, terrible aftermath. I am too damned OLD to drink like that.

Maria said...

Impressive spelling for drunk blogging....:)

Jennfactor 10 said...

thank you, thank you, except for the part where I will e sorry... lol.