Wednesday, June 9

My Children love to Dance.

I'm afraid that they may have been switched at birth.

Add this to the fact that Little O does not believe in eating macaroni & cheese or (sob!) mashed potatoes, and I think I have a pretty good case for alien abduction. Fairies switching them? Robot children a la Spy kids?

Take your pick, but it's getting reaalllly hard to believe they are the fruit of MY loins!

Big O was in his 3rd quinceanera last weekend, and again, you could not get either of them off of the dance floor. Luckily every once in a while Little O would throw in a move like a cross between a Carlton and an Elaine, with a little sideways kick...

So I know she really IS my kid.

Little O had her dress rehearsal for her first ballet recital tonight. The cute in that room was overpowering. We all stumbled out slightly woozy from the chubby legs and dimply smiles--and the tutus, oh my stars the cute of those tutus!

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SQT said...

I had to visit when I saw Carlton from "Fresh Prince." Was he great or what?

My kids baffle me sometimes too. My son is also the type to not eat anything like mac n' cheese or mashed-potatoes. I don't get it... I love to dance though. I just have to drag someone on the floor with me because everyone else in the family is too self-conscious to dance.