Tuesday, December 25

Merry Christmas!

I hope you are all safe and warm...

My MIL went into the hospital and is still in (although they may be busting her out today). The Sisters in law, collectively, decided on Friday to take me up on my hosting offer for Christmas Eve, and the honey didn't tell me until AFTER I'd spent every last dime on Christmas. Ack.

But in spite of having no seating, a frozen turkey, and the SIL's dog eating the cheesecake, it was a nice evening.

THESE were a big hit. I like the peppermint better than the plain. As long as you have a mixer, super easy to do, but the dredging at the end is a little messy.

Currently cooling in the fridge is my first attempt at These. We'll see if they cool in time to take to my brother's. The honey's fam was here until 3 am, so little O is still passed out. Not even Santa could bring her out of her warm cozy bed.

Merry Christmas!

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kim said...

merry christmas jen! i love you and miss you ...give the O's a big hug for me :)