Saturday, December 1

This tree does not grow in my backyard.

Money doesn't grow on trees,you know
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So let me ask you, what would you do for money?

If, say, you had attended the annual Christmas party for the last four years and come away with nothing, while others at your table won fabulous prizes?

What if the uber boss offered a CHANCE at a fabulous prize in exchange for momentary humiliation?

Now suppose you owe your daycare center an obscene amount of money, and have juggled the bills to the point that you got to keep twenty two dollars of your paycheck to last you until NEXT week...

So yeah, I got up and sang solo in front of two hundred or so employees and their spouses.

I'd like to thank my Honey for pushing me, the bartender in the black shirt for mixing some damned fine long island iced teas, and the sweet lord tiny baby jeebus for making sure I did not then choose the envelope containing a twenty dollar subway gift card.

While I could feed my family with the twenty dollar gift card, a week's pay PLUS a fifty dollar American Express giftcard will stretch just a little bit further.

This doesn't really help me this week, as I am sure I'll have to wait at least a week to cash in my certificate, but WOOOOO HOOOOO!

Ask me about the crackheads at Kmart later, because today I am just going to bask in the glow....


kim said...

awesome Jen!!thats excellent :)

crackheads in california? i dont believe it lol

gretty said...


Bunny said...

Woo hoo is right! Day - um! I'd sing for that kind of prize too - and my singing makes dogs howl. Literally. Of course, a week's pay for me is $18, so maybe I should just keep my mouth shut.

Looking forward to the Kmart crackheads . . .

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