Wednesday, September 3

good lord.

I just spoke with a woman, and her friend had the most god awful stain on her shirt. 
It looked like a big gray nipple.
This was not a gray shirt, and it was NOT like her shirt was wet. 
This was an old, dried stain like a giant grey nipple on a shirt that was, quite frankly, already too tight.
It was staring at me. 
I had trouble finishing my sentences. 
I wanted to hand her my Tide stick.
Ah, life in customer service...


Anonymous said...

That is my new favorite commercial (the one with the guy's screaming stain?) I will now think of the gray nipple every time I see it. Thanks for bringing that to the table baby!

Jen said...

I love the talking stain commercial, now we have the talking gray nipple in our heads, good job!

bananas62 said...

You've got to love the PUBLIC... Lets wear our pj pants to school, the mall, oh yes, don't forget to wear your slippers too... what the f**k has happened to society!? OK if not about pride in in the way one looks before leaving the house!!!!