Saturday, September 6

More polly-tics

Whassihname (Okay, Okay, Biden).

Bill and Hillary made it work with a middle schooler in the white house. How old was Amy Carter when Jimmy lived there?

I don't have a problem with Palin as a woman or as a mother in the veep position, I am assuming her Hubs will step up, along with some sort of help. Your teenaged daughter could get knocked up whether you are a stay at home mom or the CEO of a fortune 500 company. That's just biology.

Obama has young kids. Michelle is there to fill in the gaps. Shit, kids have been raised by single parents and done just fine.

But I think I am skeeved out by choosing to step up your job duties (when you are already in a position of power) when your children are so very young. Wouldn't you miss out on so much?

The show with Geena Davis as the female pres. versus old crusty Donald Sutherland? That was a show we enjoyed for the two weeks it was on, and kinda showed a woman trying to still do it all. Minus the newborn.

I like that Palin colors outside the lines. I like that about McCain. I was disappointed that he had the same fat-cat republican partying that his lifelong campaign reforms have railed against. I am sad that political analysts say that a huge part of Palin's populatiry in Alaska comes from UNdoing her predecessor's fuck ups, and that she's actually done little in terms of pro-active legislation. I LIKE that she has huevos (whether those have to be testicles or ovaries to be cool in your book, she's got 'em), but I think McCain would have demonstrated his lack of a gigantic elephant shaped monkey on his back if he had gone with his heart and picked Lieberman.

Obama said the magical words, and I listened hard for McCain to say them, too, but he didn't. At this point in the game, I could still be swayed either way. I have heard both the pro choice and the benefits streamlining for vets that are near and dear to my heart from Obama. But I am unconvinced that he can make those happen, or that his commitments are to anything other than what he thinks we want to hear.

What I like about McCain is that he HAS pissed off Republicans in the past. He is still, however, tainted with Bush-iness.


Anonymous said...

I felt okish about McCain until the campaign started and he did get all bush-y. It's not the family thing that bothers me about palin. It's the fact that she ran the town of 7,000 into the ground financially. It's that she tried to get the city librarian fired because the librarian wouldn't ban books. Keep us posted honey. You know Ill love you either way!

bananas62 said...

As BUSH-Y as he may seem, he's soooo not Bush! I think he's just plain out there these days!