Saturday, October 4

Happy Birthday, Carolee


Big O's grandmother died a horrible death from breast cancer.

When people wear pink ribbons? It's because some beautiful brown eyed boy has one less source of unconditional love to draw on as needed. Buy the stamps. Lick the yogurt lids. Because the next blue/brown/green eyed kid to lose might be yours.
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Jennfactor 10 said...

It has not escaped me that Carolee, Dawg love her, is sportin' the 'do my now MIL gave me on that card.

Jen said...

How sweet you are, and I was surprised how much Carolee looks like Big O, or vice versa. Glad to have you back! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Great post!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

I think most people have been touched by breast cancer in their families. I had two aunts and my stepmom survive it. Great post.