Friday, December 19

Luv My O's


And I love that they love each other.

Little O wasn't feeling good, and my MIL had jst discoverd a CD of Spanish Christmas Carols and had turned it up (in the middle of the new Muppet Christmas special!) Little O had tried valiantly to listen to her grandma's music, but my little one speaks no spanish, and was trying to be subtle about watching the muppets on the sly. I asked Big if he'd let her sit on his lap so they could both hear the muppets, and he opened his arms without complaint.

I think I'm getting old, because I got all teary eyed seeing them snuggled down on the chair. Maybe I'm just afraid they end up like Mrs. g's kids, distant and feuding in my old age. But it was a sweet moment and if you do not own a digital camera, go buy yourself one and throw it under the tree--Worth every penny.
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