Wednesday, December 31

Aw, crap.


My christmasy intentions were left in the dust. I wanted to post the "official" photo of Little O and Santa, but we still haven't picked it up. Quite frankly, I doubt ole Santa is going to look any LESS like he's been given a valium latte to keep him from running out the door screaming at the teeming hordes of children crawling over him.

Oh, did I forget to mention where this photo was taken? Only the happiest place on earth...Okay, the happiest place in Stockton...That's right! Hometown Buffet. I want to be tranked to go there. If Wal Mart SERVED food in an all you can eat manner, the people would be better behaved than 85% of the patrons at Hometown. My kids and my mother in law love it. Could you stab me in the eye with a fork as you clear my table? Thanks, that'd be great.


On a side note, my folks gave me slippers that are photo-sensitive and light up at the toes in the dark(like tiny headlights). I wore them home and we had to stop by the store for bread on the way. The crackhead in front of Smart foods about lost his MIND over my slippers.

I love my town.
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Sayre said...

So here I was sitting up at 6:30 am on my VACATION because the cat just couldn't wait to go out (having only JUST come in when my husband left for work) and feeling rather grumpy and out of sorts when I came across this - which cracked me up! Valium Latte! Slippers with headlights! Messing with some crackhead's mind! Thanks! I needed that to get me back on track!

Jen said...

Oh man, Hometown Buffett, and Walmart are both on my "do not go" list. I cannot imagine a more horrible place to try and eat. You are braver than I am my friend.

Have a fantastic New Years Eve, and get I hope you get back to your work computer soon, I miss you!

Jen said...

Okay so my fingers type faster than I think, how bad is that?! Please forgive the extra "get" in my previous comment.....