Saturday, December 23

It's a ten minute testing frenzy!!!!!

I think some of these are a little off...but I was sweatin' thinkin I was gonna be Elizabeth Taylor (Not that there's anything wrong with that)!

What Classic Bombshell Are You?
Audrey Hepburn

You are Audrey Hepburn! You are the epitome of class. You are elegant and regal. You love to express yourself in many ways, including dance. You also love helping people.

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My girl Jen sent me a BOX full of good homemade Christmas treats, but since they all have nuts, I have to eat them up before the Honey gets home. Shush, Jennifer. There were NO caramels. Do you hear me? They didn't make it in the box. (note to self--get rid of the caramel wrappers)

We now resume our Quizzing freefall:

You Date Like a Woman

According to studies on dating, you date like a woman.
You tend to take romance seriously, and you're not really out for a fling.

A mental and emotional connection always comes first for you.
And rushing the physical stuff is likely to turn you off.

You're highly selective when it comes to dating, and some may say you're too picky.
You know what you want, and when you find it, you're ready to commit.

This one was so off base, I may have to give up blogthings all together. Is all of this based upon sense of humor vs. a great ass? Not at all correct.

You Are Pretty Logical
You're a bit of a wizard when it comes to logicWhile you don't have perfect logic, you logic is pretty darn good. Keep at it - you've got a lot of natural talent in this area!

Okay, Blogthings can stay.

'What will your obituary say?' at

But this Quizgalaxy stuff....Now I'm Camilla Parker Bowles?
I stole this one from CRSE at Zamphir.

Here's What Jennfactor Will Get for Christmas!
The Honey will get you a pony.
Big O will get you socks and underwear.
Little O will get you a shiny new car.
Santa will get you five pounds of cheese.
Satan will get you Francis Bacon's Left Femur.
'What Will you Get for Christmas?' at


Sayre said...

I am a MAVERICK - eccentric, unique, self-reliant, extremely creative and intelligent.

I am Elizabeth Taylor - the epitome of glamour (yeah, right), lover of diamonds (?), the center of attention. I change my men like I change my underwear, but I'm worth it (don't tell hubby!).

I am pretty logical.

I will die quickly with one last shriek, a tormented death and will be missed terribly by the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Thanks for the morning laugh, Jen!

crse said...

I couldnt get the personality type.
I date like a woman.
Im pretty logical.
Im Marilyn Monroe.
You know about the sordid details of my demise.
I see you as audrey hepburn!