Saturday, December 30

So Now Iraq does it better that we do?

How long has Polly Klaas been gone? Laci Peterson? Why are those bastards still alive, and on OUR dime, but Iraq can take care of Saddam within 30 days? Hell, they didn't even need the full thirty! If we cleared out death row in California once a year, how much money could we spend on education? Could we make crazy Sherriff Joe in Arizona the head of prisons nationwide?
I will grant you that DNA testing should never be denied a prisoner on death row. But twenty years of appeals is ridiculous.
I do not doubt that Stanley "Tookie" Williams was a better man when he died than when he was sentenced. Age usually makes you a little wiser. But the men he killed were denied the chance to age and wise up, and he was sentenced to death. I found it wierd that because he had a publisher and famous friends, people suddenly thought his sentence should have been commuted. He did a lot of good in his later years. But he did a lot more bad in his early years.
I dunno. I would certainly never claim that there is ANY easy answer in death penalty cases. But it seems like the courts of Iraq took care of business a lot beter than we do. (Yes, I know, he was a dictator that killed millions, and maybe that sped things up, but still. Richard Allen Davis snatched Polly out of her own bedroom. Why is he still here?)


This concludes the conservative rant from the side of Jen that screws up all of those "Are you a Tree-Hugging Liberal?" quizzes.


Anonymous said...

Whilst i understand your anger at these men on death row still living. Do you realy think any one of us have the right to decide who should take another mans life? The USA is the most powerful country in the world and yet they live by the most animalistic and dickensian laws. Everyone is spoon fed information, told what to think and what to believe. Punishment should no doubt fit the crime but not if it means continuing with the violence. Maybe someone should tell the citizens of the US that they dont actually live in Stepford or an Arnie movie come to that. They need to stop being so closeted and start being told of facts. The US is a hypocritical country with no moral values whatsoever. Everyone thinks they are doing the word of God, what a load of tosh. Its time to stop the killing and the never ending cycle of violence its just being used as an excuse and it serves no purpose. Is killing someone really going to help bring back the victims? Will the murder of Saddam make the country a happier and safer place? NO NO NO. Is anyone going to go and sort out Rwanda? i doubt it because they have nothing that the US wants.

factor 10 said...

Is ending the life of Richard Allen Davis going to bring Polly Klaas back? no. Will it bring comfort to even one member of her family, and peace of mind to his countless other victims over the years? It might.
I never mentioned God at all. So as you are making stereotypical generalizations, keep in mind that you are being every bit as obnoxious as the ugly americans you loathe so much.
I agree that Rwanda/Darfur/pick- your-African-Region is an ongoing tragedy that will not be addressed in anything close to an acceptable pace. I also agree that one of the reasons nothing will get done is because sub-saharan africa is not offering anything dubya sees any value in. That has not always been the case, and hopefully this country will come to it's senses in the next election.
Had you taken the time to read my entries, you'd know that I don't think we should ever have gone into Iraq, but now that we have, I think we have to finish it up as decently as we can, not just leave them in tatters. To that end, yes, Saddam's death will be better for Iraq.
Anonymous postings are weak, my friend. Especially if it's an attack on statements made in a personal blog.

crse said...

holy crap. While I have to admit, Im pretty much anti-death penalty, Im more anti-anonymous comments from people who dont have the guts to sign their names nor take the time to understand where you are coming from.

I had my concerns about the saddam hanging more from the point of view that he would be turned into a martyr. On the other hand, so many people had been tortured by him, I cant help to think they will finally find some peace after his death.

My problem with the death penalty is extensive and I wont start in on your blog buddy, I wouldnt even mention it but I wanted to come forward as someone who disagrees but respects and appreciates what you are saying.

And also, it wont let me comment on your payperpost (BRILLIANT!) post. Happy New year sunshine. Im glad to have a bright thoughtful interesting (and smack down hilarious) blogfriend to share ideas with this next year!
(ps: the word verification is KKIKK like people that wont stand by their comments need their asses kkikked.)