Saturday, December 2

Am I just evil and jaded?

So you know that I work as a Customer Service rep for the garbage company. I answer phones with the girls, but I also am one of two people who talk to customers when they come into the office. Thankfully, my job does not force me to be the ugly collections agent, demanding to know when you will live up to your obligations. I am here to take whatever payment you can make, and make sure that your service is to your satsfaction.

Over the last few months I have talked to a woman who has not paid her bill in easily ten months. So the last time her bill was due, four months ago, she called to explain that there was a baby in the family that had died, and that she had been the one to care for the infant, so life was a little chaotic. I was sympathetic and told her I'd make a note on her account, and to pay when she could. Not a big deal, but a sad story, and it made me grateful for my healthy children. I noted her account and went on to the next customer.

She actually came in this week, and again told the story, this time with big discliamers that it wasn't HER baby, but that she HAD been the one to care for it. Now I feel like she is trading on this unimaginable tragedy. She peddles this story like it's a get out of payment free card. I've never been through anything as devastating as that would have to be, and I tend to be a private person, but who does that? Am I being a coldhearted bitch? Is it therapeutic to talk about it to strangers? Maybe strangers are the only ones who can stand to hear about it? But it didn't feel like that the SECOND time. It felt like the worst kind of manipulation. Especially after the disclaimer--Oh, not MY baby, but I took care of it.

I felt soiled after talking to her.

Then I felt like a bitch for thinking it.


Sayre said...

She told you this story four months ago and then again this week? I think she's milking it for all she's worth. In fact, there may not even have BEEN a baby and this was a great get-out-of-paying story she came up with on her own. A ten-month deadbeat with a four-month old story about a baby that wasn't even hers? I'd hand her over to collections. Guess I'm a cold-hearted bitch too.

factor 10 said...

Thank You, Sayre!

I just needed someone else to agree that she was bogus. Even if it wasn't HER child, wouldn't that be one of the most devastating and private things ever?
I hear all kinds of excuses, and it can be fun to catch the lies (remember, people, keep it simple and get off the phone), but that story was just WRONG.

kim said...

i agree too ... when something like that happens to you in real life it isnt something that you talk about in line paying a bill ...period

and you are the furthest thing from a bitch there is silly *hugs*

crse said...

Ok i am the QUEEN of scamming on life circumstances to avoid collections and I would NEVER use someone else's tragedy or even speak these words on my family and friends for these purposes. There are ethical guidelines even for us scammers and she clearly crossed them!