Tuesday, November 25

My man is a Rock Star.

So the girlfriend whose house we were going to this weekend?  Also happens to be my former sister-in-law. 
The Honey went with me with gritted teeth, bracing himself for cold stares and colder shoulders. 
The patriarch of that family would never stand for such a thing, even at ninety-one, but the Honey didn't know that. 
Let me tell you, NO ONE in the Honey's family gets a divorce OR remarries. 
The Ex's family is the very definition of the blended family.  A second spouse is not anything new, but I was the only Ex who showed up at the party...:) 
So my man gets beaucoup points for sucking it up and risking complete and utter alienation so I could meet the nephew's new wife and squeeze both of my boys before they head back to the war zone. 
The Ex's family gets beaucoup  points for being as gracious and warm as ever.
The new Bride got to see her new family in action, and took it well, in spite of their overwhelming numbers.
It was a good weekend.
And my man was a rock star.

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Sayre said...

Don't you love it when every one sucks it up and gets along (or has a good time, even)? I shocked the hell out of my husband by becoming good friends with his ex-wife. We talk on the phone, email and stay at each other's houses when we visit. Weird, huh? And oddly satisfying. After all, they had a child together. I'm the second mama. It's a good thing to get a long with the first mama for the sake of the kid.