Saturday, November 15

OOh, James

I am a much bigger dork than most of co-workers. I relish this fact. When I saw the release date of the new Bond movie, I told the Honey we were going for my birthday (He's really not a movie theatre guy, but loves movies, it's weird).

Last night my co-workers met me for drinks and mexican food, and then bailed out before the movie.

I'm not spoiling things, I'll just say we really enjoyed it. Here is my grumble:

At the end of the last movie and the beginning of this one, it felt like a giant game of mousetrap with the stunts. I know it's Bond, but a few gadgets in place of one or two steps in the stunt sequence would have fixed this for me, I think. I miss Q. 'Cause I'm a dork that way.

Um, but I still think Roger Moore should shut his pie hole. Moore was the Bond I was raised with, but he would have screamed like a girl at the things Daniel Craig does. I love Craig as Bond. I think he's a much more likely assassin/spy than any Bond since Connery.



One more thing to add--the haircut on the villain's second in command? Was he a failed monk? The latin version of dumb and dumber? The necklaces were really bad, too.

That is all.


SQT said...

I'm off to see this in a couple of hours. Can't wait to see Bond kick some a**.

annie said...

Glad to hear it's good. It's hard for us that remember ALL the Bonds. Weird!
I love your Halloween pics! Your little girl is gorgeous and the costume is so well done!

Anonymous said...

I never see anything until it comes to Netflix. Sigh.
And Happy (belated, I suck) Birthday! I hope it was wonderful!