Sunday, November 2

So How was your Halloween?

My Little Gypsy Fortune Teller...

We had a functioning crystal ball and the prettiest Rom Princess ev-ah!

And here we are, me in her giant butterfly wings, because I sweated BLOOD making those for her two years ago and the wretched child would not wear them. SOMEONE was going to wear the damned things.

We went to a Halloween Party later that night, and I felt like a nun. Every.single.female. had gone for the skirt up to here and top down to there. Sigh. The honey wore Little O's grass skirt and a hawaiian polo:

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Sayre said...

I remember you making those wings! They turned out amazing - you are one gorgeous butterfly!

Little O is an adorable gypsy and the costumes on those guys are great.

I started "cross-dressing" at halloween because I just can't stand the slutty costumes that are out there for women these days. I think next year I'm going as Beryl Markham (pilot).