Friday, November 2


Favorite SIL & her daughter came over for Halloween.
Love them.
My favorite thing said by Smart-assed niece?
When someone's skirt is too short at her high school, they tell the girl in question that no one wants to see her "Britney."
Cracks me up.


Bunny said...

I'm going to use that one, fer shur.

crse said...

Oh I think I have a new nickname for the unmentionable.

MC said...

I don't think anyone wants to see Britney's Britney... nosirreebob.

Mert said...

*SNORT*! I can remember seeing Shania Twain performing "Feel Like a Woman"... I can't stand the batch.

Her skirt was so short that I remarked to John, "I think I just saw Shania's twain. " I have referred to it as such evah since! ;)