Saturday, November 17


'Kay, I am not a fan of things that start on their own. If I want to hear it, there is a "Play" button conveniently located. Mary is annoying the shit out of me on my own freaking blog. So Wrong.

So, it's just meh. Yes I had a quiet family dinner the night before my birthday, but upon further reflection, I made dinner and I got us all there, and that was a present to myself. The honey was an ass last night, and if I enjoyed listening to him puke, well, it still doesn't count as a present.

I feel stupid and childish that I am completely butt-hurt that my parents didn't call on or around my birthday. I am 37 years old, it's not like I doubt that they love me, so I feel whiny and needy. My brother called me from Disneyland (Okay, my birthday is also his anniversary, so it's hard for him to forget), my uncle, who I never talk to, emailed me. It's been almost a week and I have not heard anything from my mother.

I hate being whiny and feeling stupid. Hate it. I feel greedy and stupid for wanting the honey to get me a present--but would it kill you to show the foresight to get me a card? To figure something out BEFORE my birthday? I am wallowing here, and I cannot stand to be in my own head. But he was a complete ass last night, so it just unleashed the flood. Resentment and long term grudge, thy name is Jennifer.

This has been another whiny self pitying post by jen. I should probably have some Bon Jovi playing.


Maddy said...

Oh dear. I can't imagine ever forgetting a birthday. Are your parents computer savvy? Mine aren't so we have to remember snail mail but even at my age I would be more than put out if my parents forgot. Do we ever grow up I wonder?
Best wishes and many happy returns of the day.

Factor 10 said...

Thanks, Maddy.
They are VERY savvy (my mom couldn't program her iphone but she's loving using the bejeezus out of it). They are also very busy, and I am used to getting cards and things late, and we are a very laid back family in terms of flexibility. My folks were both nurses in management, so we celebrated a lot of holidays on alternate days. It just came as a shock that I didn't get a phone call in the days after. I am moping, and I'll gt over it, but it was nice to get it OUT.
(I was a whiny child, too!)

kat said...

Well, I am late leaving a happy birthday wish, too! I will email privately with the pathetic reasons (er, excuses). Love ya, Kat (in TX).

kim said...

awwww pity party and i wasnt invited?

honestly though I get all butt hurt when my mom forgets my birthday too, and im 47 :)

gretty said...

Boy, can I unfortunately relate! I stayed at my parents' house one year during my bday week and they still forgot! Belated Happy - You - Rock - Day!