Thursday, November 22

Thankful, you say?

How could I NOT be?

Look at them.
(Has it really been almost two years since I took this photo?

We are all healthy.

The honey misses his dad terribly at times like today, and mine may be miles away, but I know he's there with just a phone call. Both of my parents are.

My nephews are in uniform, and are safe (for now).

I have the best friends, in life AND a la blog.

Short of pulling a Pakistan, Dubya only has one more year.

I live in America, in the twenty first century. We have modern medicine, clean water and fucking drive thru Starbucks, for pete's sake.

Driving home from the SIL's last night, my kids warm and cozy in the back, the Honey with his hand on my knee, we drove past a corner bar with people spilling out. Seven or eight years ago, that would have been me, trying to get away from the misery that was my marriage. All I could think as I drove by was how empty that life seemed.

Of all the dog shifts this holiday season, I got the one that pays OT. So I have to go jump in the shower, and drag my butt into work-and you know what?

I'm thankful.

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