Thursday, February 7

Love My O's

Little O was feverishly pouring over the shiny box of Valentines we bought last night.

"Mama, do you like the girl with the purple hair?

Mama, this card says LOVE L-O-V-E, that's love, right Mama?

Mama, there are four boys names.




Ah, life with a five year old. Then she threw this one out,

"Mama--THIS card is for Hannah! Mama, LETTERALLY, this card is FOR HANNAH! See? It has an "H". H is for Hannah."

This gives me high hopes for her vocabulary. We just have one thingle thing to get rid of...

1 comment:

Bunny said...

Mine both are unable to pwonounce the letters R and L. My son's speech therapist says by seven or so these little things fade out. So don't worry too much!