Tuesday, February 5

So about that weight loss thing....

Yeah.  Country fried steak and eggs for lunch may not have been the brightest idea.  But meeting Little O and the Honey for lunch at Denny's was just not a good idea in the first place- at least not in a weight loss sense.
I am craving a really good book but nothing I have picked up lately is hitting the spot.  The Kate Elliott (SP?) that I picked up at the supermarket finally caught fire just in time to stop--the second one isn't out until April or May.  I need to be willing to throw down a little cash and buy the second Scott Lynch.  sigh.
Little O does not have a lisp. Let me say that up front.  But she is CONVINCED that the word single is pronounced "thingle".  She still calls them Waterlemons, too.  She's AUDIBLY dyslexic?  I dunno. 

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