Sunday, February 24

Sunday Quizzez

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This came out verrry differently each time I varied my name.

This one? My geekery fails me. I took this test because Transformers tickeld me, but I know not what this is...

ABC Warrior!
Which Colossal Death Robot Are You?
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey

Here's the Rum and Monkey Clarification:

In bars frequented by colossal death robots, you're always the quiet guy at the back who no-one ever bothers. And for good reason. You've fought in several nuclear wars, could beat the sun in a staring match, and have a chin larger than many articles of furniture. Morals are not a concept you understand, but strangely enough, nobody ever questions your judgement. Usually because they're dead. Even Judge Dredd wets himself when you turn up. Grrrr.

Maybe it's a cable thing...

I found this one funny because (being overly endowed)they did not list my size, the jerks~~

Your Celebrity Boob Twin:

Jenna Jameson

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SQT said...

First, I came in as Robocop. *blink*

Then my celebrity boob twin was Angelina Jolie. *bwahahahahahah!* Yeah right.