Saturday, April 19

Avast, me hearties...(Central Valley style?)Odale, vatos!

If you know me in real life, try not to stare.

I'm not recreating my hilarious turn as the pirate of Big Dog, I've got motherfucking Habanero Eye.

What, you ask, is Habanero eye?

It's when you rub your tender, delicate, optical type area with the hand that only for the briefest moment touched the unbroken skin of the hottest member of the chile family. Because my homemade chicken noodle soup is not hot enough for the Honey, and I was going to beat him if he added tabasco again. You want hot? I'll give you hot!

Turns out I gave myself hot, too.

Hopefully I won't be squinting like a pirate by monday. Or I could put a corn cob pipe in my mouth and be Popeye. I like spinach...


Steph said...

Oh you poor thing! At least you didn't go to the bathroom. Eyes are one thing penochas are quite another.

Hope that your eye has healed up and that you lived to see another day. Even as I laughed at both the title and the content of this post.

Bunny said...


I got jalapeno in my nostril once, but habanero in the eye beats that by a mile! I hope you are feeling better. Oh my!!!

SQT said...

I thought onion eye was bad. Yikes.