Wednesday, April 9

Picture day.

Little O was just spun about what to wear and how to do her hair.
She changed her mind that morning and wanted ballerina hair-- that normally requires wet hair, and we were out of time.
As we were driving to preschool, little tufts of hair were already escaping her bun.
When I picked her up, she looked like a tornado had hit her.  Hairpins were dangling from the bun that had become misshapen like a little overbaked cupcake plopped on top of her head. 
I was dreading those pictures. 
Can I tell you how cute she was?
We got our proofs yesterday and she just rocked it.  I guess all that America's Next Top Model really paid off...
Now I just have to sell a kidney to pay for them.


SQT said...


Sorry about the kidney though.

crseum said...

Awww! What the hell is up with the 80 bucks a year in pictures now? And why must our children be so adorable?