Thursday, April 3


I've been away. Still reading, just not writing.

Remind me to tell you about the quinceanera that I will be selling body parts to help pay for.

Or the Honey's (super secret) birthday plan.

Or the Nazi usher at the Wiggles Live.

Or Little O's picture day hair.

I still want to talk about my blog party (I think it's time for another one, but my gawd, I can barely POST anything, let alone host a link fest.)

Or Big O's musical education...

yeah. soon.

just not tonight.

I suck, but not in a way that would make the Honey any happier. (When is steak and BJ day again?)


crseum said...

Darlin' you are like a fine wine! (you had a blog party? Did i miss this? I want to come next time!)

crseum said...

Oh and steak and bj day is March 15. I missed it too this year!

Factor 10 said...

Ha! That's Okay, I've got a little credit...