Tuesday, April 22

Hey LUUUUCEEEEEEEEE, FREEEEEEED--well helloooooo Ethel!

You know, we have early prime time for our CBS affilliate.
The Honey and I have discovered that we can watch CSI:Miami if we agree to mock David Caruso.  I can enjoy the mystery but we both enjoy the bad impressions.  Last night my eyes just about popped out of my head.  CBS has a new show coming out.  It's like That 70's Show, but it's all about the swinging parents.  It's called Swingtown!
Isn't that why we have cable?  Or, more to my point, why I DON'T have cable?  My twelve year old's head is gonna explode from the ads alone!  This is going to screw up every birds and bees speech I've ever thought out. 
Ricky and Lucy couldn't sleep in the same bed.  Now they're joined by Fred and Ethel? 
Don't get me wrong, I have some wild friends.  Some in bloglife and some in the real world.  But no one I know flaunts their choices in front of their kids.  Now CBS is flaunting it in front of EVERYBODY'S kids.   
Grrrr..   Grrrr...  Grrrr...  

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Anonymous said...

I KNOW!!! This is the stuff I never thought would bother me as a parent. Now Im like "get this crap away out of my baby's world!". It's so disturbing on so many levels. (and like you hey, i am all about different strokes for different folks. No sex in front of my babies though please!)