Friday, May 2

Crazy eye

So we've had us a little scare at casa de Honey-Factor.
The Honey's eyelid started drooping Monday night, and things didn't look quite right.  He was actually going to go to the doctor on Tuesday, but someone else called in sick, and once he was off work, he was NOT going to sit at Kaiser for hours.  I was not happy, but told him he was going Wednesday or I was ratting him out to his mother and each of his four sisters. 
He admitted once he got to Kaiser on Wednesday that he was seeing double.  Turns out he'd had a teeny stroke in his third optic nerve. 
This man is SOOOO resistant to health care (Mainly because he has so very much going on).  So while I am horrified that this has happened to him, and we spent a hell of a lot of time at kaiser the last two days, I am kinda relieved that it happened on such a manageable scale.  Because now we've confirmed that yep, he's a diabetic, too.  He has never gone to the doctor in the last seven years I've known him.  So he's never had his heart meds adjusted or re-evaluated.  He's a fan of the suds.  He's got the round beer belly to prove it.  This visit to the doctor was soooo overdue. 
It's a good news/bad news thing.  But I'm looking at it as an opportunity to keep him around to walk his daughter down the aisle. 
He says I am meaner to him that Gabrielle is to Carlos on Desperate Housewives--and Carlos is completely blind! 
I tell him I'm going to walk on his left side now so he won't see the blows coming.  ;) 


SQT said...

Holy cow! I hope he's okay.

You stay on him. My dad has diabetes and heart disease and I can't believe he's still walking he abuses his health so much. But this is no laughing matter. My dad had a massive heart attack a few years ago and never really recovered. Go ahead, be mean. It's only 'cause you care.

Bunny said...

OMG - that's so scary! Keep on him about taking his meds and watching what he eats. Diabetes can lead to SO many problems and you don't need that.

I hope his eye recovers - do they expect it will or is the damage permanent?

Wow. Praying for you both.

Factor 10 said...

Thanks, guys. They wasy his eye could take as long as three months to recover--he is NOT thrilled.

At Little O's first tee ball game, two of the kids asked him why he was wearing an eyepatch and he told them it was becaue he ate too much candy. (Is beer candy?) He told the coach about it after the game and the coach said he could not figure out why his son had thrown away his m&m's.

Factor 10 said...

er, too lazy to retype the whole thing, but that was supposed to start out "they SAY" not they wasy. I type for a living--how scary is that?

Pendullum said...

Hope he is on the mend...

Anonymous said...

This was one of the few things I caught in my massive computer meltdown week and I gotta tell you, the fact that the honey is doing desperate housewife comparisons has me cracking up! I hope things are looking up buddy.