Friday, May 16

Has it REALLY been 20 years?

So my 20 year high school reunion is coming up.
Honestly?  No desire to go.
I was just a social recluse in high school.  I had two or three core friends, and a lot of people I went to high school with. 
Some of them I adored, some of them I loathed, but they weren't the people I hung out with-- they were the people I went to school with.  Because I was so cool? um, no.  Because I didn't hang out with anyone but my three friends.
My Best Jen just conned me into Facebook.  Which is funny because again, no real crowds in high school, and sadly, no real edjumacation afterwards except for several years meandering through the JC systems of CA.  (Okay, you wanna know?  I wanted to play Scrabulous.  I've played online, but I wanted to play someone I know.)  So imagine my surprise when one of those people I adored showed up on Facebook as someone I might know.
I did know him and had wondered about his fate over the years.  What fun to re-connect!

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