Wednesday, May 14

It's a party! It's an all you can eat buffet!

Parties are a minefield when you marry into a Mexican family.
Okay, Throwing parties is a minefield.
We walked into the middle of a discussion about a graduation party for Smart Assed Favorite Niece.   (I love this girl.  She is SHARP.  Laid back.  Into Music.  It's like God threw her into this family just for me.  Don't get me wrong, there are other people that I really enjoy, but she is someone I would have known in high school.)
Favorite SIL is stressing over how to throw a graduation party in the middle of her divorce, AND give her older son his proper Birthday affair.     Okay, we'll ignore the fact that the son is twenty and maybe a check would suffice. 
The Weddo (the white boy), married to youngest SIL, was urging Favorite SIL to throw down for SAFN because she'll only get this opportunity once to get free money.  He and I agreed that a cake and coffee/punch reception type party could be pulled off relatively cheap.
The Honey's family thinks that is the tackiest thing they have ever heard.  If you invite people, you FEED them.  The biggest scandal is running out of food.  There must be an ABUNDANCE of food. 
Now this explains why at Big O's Fear Factor party five (gasp! can it really have been that long ago?) years ago, the Honey's sister brought pizzas.  I thought that was pretty ballsy to bring food to someone else's party--now I get it.  The Honey called and asked them to because I had invited his family. 
It should be interesting for the Honey's super secret Birthday extravaganza...
I am shelling out for admission, and after that they are on their own.  I am leery of blogging about it because I don't THINK he reads the blog, but he certainly knows the address and COULD, and I've worked so hard to keep it a secret.  I am really miserable keeping things from the Honey, because he IS my best friend, and if I can't bitch to HIM about how flaky his friends and family are, and make my usual jokes, I'm stopping short on sentences and choking on things I want to say.  I hate keeping secrets.
So what about YOU?  Is this just a Mexican thing that cake and punch is unacceptable?    We're not talking inviting people you see once every three years for a wedding, we're talking a friendly high school graduation get together. 

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