Tuesday, August 26

I swear this blog is a gift.

I watched my little one blow me a kiss at the Kindergarten gate this morning and I could have just burst with love.
Her tales of Tai Chi* and classroom visitors are so animated and enthusiastic. 
Someday when she's an emotional, drama-laden 13 year old who hates me and everything that I stand for, I will look back at my blog and today will be like a shiny white box with a sunshiny yellow ribbon (Just like the ponytail holders on her pigtails today).  I will unwrap this blogpost and remember my five year old who loved school and blew me kisses with sparkly brown eyes and an impish little grin.
I wish I'd had a blog to remember Big O's cheerful Bonzai dashes from the car, already in motion and headed for the playground like a tasmanian devil.  You think these things will never fade, but oh, God, I could surely use some warm fuzzy reminiscences when dropping off a surly teenager, reminding him to get his assignments written down so we can review them tonight.
*Tai Chi!  I know I live in California, and we should have lots of crunchy granola features like that in our schools, but this is the real California, folks.  Great weather, terrible schools.  Especially living in the stinky armpit of CA, we have school districts that suck pondwater, and ones that suck ass.  By all accounts, the district we are in belongs in the latter.  We're in a great school for this district, but it's still in this district.  I'm LOVING my daily re-enactments of the tai chi.


Let's finish off that touching blogpost with a true Little O moment.

"Good night, baby..."

"Good Night...And Big Balls."

Thanks, ABC.

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