Sunday, August 31


I didn't kill it this time.

Little O got 2 as her "goody bowl" for a birthday party. I guess it's good they gave us a back up, because one jumped out on the way home. The Honey and I were in separate cars, and I got the Kid, he got the fish. He stuck 'em in one big cup to take home, looked down about halfway home, and only one was in the cup. He found the other one on the floor board but didn't know when it started sucking air. He threw it back in the cup and kept driving. Yeah, you know the rest of the story. We're calling the survivor Lucky.


My mama-san comes to visit me tomorrow--yay!

My house is a mess--boo!

Little O wanted to give them a present--aaawww...

She carefully washed her snail shell collection tonight--I cannot wait to see my mom's face. Is there a snail shell anniversary?

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bananas62 said...

You've got fish, I now have 2 frickin' hampsters that nobody asked me if we could house.. wtf! who the hell am I???? the MOM... oh well... they'll miss me when I'm gone?