Tuesday, September 26

Butterfly Update

Here's where we are so far on Little O's wings. My mother laughed her head off when I finally 'fessed up. She says I'm crazy for sewing it instead of gluing it all together.

She may be right. Posted by Picasa


bananas62 said...

Don't ya just wanna say, "thanks mom... now ya tell me!" I wouldn't and obviously didn't think of that either! But ya know.. we'll be that kind of mom someday, too! you know the mom with all the answers!

Sayre said...

I think sewing would make it sturdier than glueing would. Just how gentle is you kid on stuff?

crse said...

I agree. Sewing definitely will be sturdier and little O will thank you! They are really cute though!

factor 10 said...

It's a given than any child of mine is gonna be danger prone, a la scooby doo. MY luck prevents me from thinking that mere mortal glue would keep them together all night long. MY luck is that we'd get them on the first time and she'd smash them in a door, and I'd be standing behind her all night holding up the pieces at each door, trying to explain that she's not a giant bat.

So yeah, I'll keep sewing.

Nikki said...

That looks gorgeous.

What's you secret for working with slippery material?

and yes - sewing is better than glue.