Thursday, September 28

Thursday 13 #13! --13 Magazines I love

1. Cuisine at Home Best, easiest recipes, easy to follow directions, yum.

2. Harper's Magazine Brain food-- an interesting cross section of liberal media--a little bit of everything, the Index alone is worth the price of a subscription.

3. National Geographic Long a favorite of schoolboys everywhere, this magazine is the coolest for incredible photo essays AND exotic locations.

4. Real Simple A little bit of everything, but beautiful and simple and clean. Love it.

5. Cook's Illustrated Magazine This is the advanced version of #1. They are much less concerned with simple and easy, their point is to find the best result, and then they'll worry about easier if possible. The PBS Show America's Test Kitchen is from the folks who put out this magazine. Love them.

6. Discover It's not quite science for dummies, but it IS science in everyday language, much more approachable than other science journals.

7. Vanity Fair This is a total Guilty Pleasure. It's like People Magazine, but instead of the story about the Wal Mart clerk, they have the story about the Art Thief, or the Uber rich dog trainer, or whatever--it's snobby People. What a life...

8. Everyday Food The unstoppable Martha Stewart gave me something to compete with Cuisine--but I don't like the size--I want something I can lay flat as I dribble sauce on it.

9. Print Magazine I don't claim to read this--it's a graphic design magazine that is over my head/out of my league. But Years of working at the bookstore got me hooked on their annual design issue--I've said it before, I love cheese. I clever graphics and funny ads, and I pour over this thing when I run across it. Marvelous stuff.

10. Car and Driver Magazine My dad is a car junky. Not to fix them up, but he loves toys, and likes to know what the newest toys are. I have always loved cars. I blame it on my father.

11. Turtle Magazine Again, my father. I had a subscription when I was little, and there was a series of Baba Yaga stories that my dad and I read together. There were probably only one or two about the Russian (Slavic?) witch living in her cottage, but that time with my dad was HUGE to me, and I will always love Turtle for that time with him.

12. Rolling Stone It was my bible in high school. Not so much anymore, I haven't bought an issue in a few years (when did THAT happen?), but the first of it's kind.

13. Smithsonian Magazine My former sister-in-law had a subscription to this. It's like an Americana version of national geographic--minus the stunning photography (usually). Great stuff.

14. I know, I know, it's THIRTEEN things, but every year, Better Homes & Gardens does a Christmas Cookies magazine. I don't want their other seasonal stuff--I just want an annual subscription to THIS. My Christmas season is kind of a failure if I don't grab one. I'll see one in the store and think I'll get it next time and then never see it again. ARGH!

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MommyBa said...

These are very good choices for magazines :)

Happy weekend!

Ash said...

I love love love number 12!
Great TT!

amy said...

Thats a very interesting TT! The only Vanity Fair I have read was with baby suri..i liked it thoug

Pippajo said...

Hey, what a great list. I must say, I, too, love America's Test Kitchen. I haven't gotten the Cook's Illustrated Mag yet, but my sister does. We both watch the show and talk about it and the magazine the way some women talk about soap operas or Sex & The City.

I'm partial to decorating magazines myself. Used to get Romantic Homes, Country Living and Country Homes, but they were all a bit posh for me. Now I usually buy Country Decorating when I'm at the store.

And don't tell, but when I have to fly anywhere or spend a few days sick in bed, I like a few of the semi-trashy ones like In Touch or US Weekly.

huberama said...

ooh, I love Vanity Fair, too - and I'll have to try some of those cooking mags

crse said...

Im such a vanity fair junkie. I heart dominick dunne! I had a subscription to Rolling Stone in high school. The last issue I bought was when Jerry Garcia died. I still have it.

Jennifer said...

Nice TT topic, I saw several I enjoy, but none I actually subscribe to except BHG, I should subscribe to national geographic again, I always loved the photos!

I never know what day it is either, and I am passing that non-skill down to my children!

Jenny in Ca