Monday, March 10

The devil has been cast out.

The fish is still with us.
Not, as it turns out, named Beelzebub, but a rather more prosaic Floaty.  It likes the top of the bowl, and it freaks the Honey out.
We're having a dietician come to giveus a pep talk for our weight loss competition.  I have a feeling she'll frown at my frantic shoveling of Mac'n Cheese last night as I was putting it all away.  It was heaven.  I used a hell of a lot less cheese than usual, and I was good the rest of the weekend, but pre bedtime secret eating?  Not so good.
I don't know if my bro is reading my blog and passing on, or if my Mom has read it, but my whining blog about the ice cream maker has yielded... wait for it... an ice cream maker.  I asked my mom what the occasion was, and she said "Well it's on your list every year and I can never find one."
Not even going to ponder how she figured out my whiny butt-hurt feelings about the whole ice cream fiasco.  But now I have to USE it.  In the middle of my diet challenge.  I am thinking there's kiwi sorbet in my future.  Maybe a giner peach or a blackberry sage (Republic of Tea, anyone?) Baking Bits had a strawberry and black pepper sorbet...
Must resist the ice cream!

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