Friday, March 7

Weigh In!

I shaved my legs today for the weigh in. 
Locks of love has not called me back yet, but considering my stunning lack of focus and committment, 3.8 pounds is a triumph, people.  I thought I was just gonna break even.  
I just flew my dork flag at work, we were talking about WILLING people into overlooking something, and I did the wave with my fingertips and said "These are not the droids you're looking for."   crickets.    Nobody got the reference, just Jen being strange again.  I'm used to it.  My dad called me the other night giggling, sharing a pun he had made at dinner with my mom.  In fine Dadd-i-o fashion, it was like a four part pun requiring back story and much explanation.  I AM my father's daughter.
Dork pride, baby!
(Have you read my horrifying faux pas at Dorkbloggers?)

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