Sunday, March 16

I need your help, friends!

So my twelve year old boy, light o' my life and the one that I lectured about classic rock while he was still in the womb, can totally kick my ass on guitar hero.
I bought him guitar hero in hopes of breaking the Pokemon fascination, and giving him something to connect to kids his own age. Well, Pokemon is not entirely gone, but GH is definitely IN. My happiness is only compounded by the fact that most of the GH songs are, in fact, kick ass, and far far away from the dreck I was afraid of my children getting into. (Little O may yet be my corporate-generated-band-of-the-week girl, but I will fight it for as long as I can...)
SO here's my dilemma. Big O has loaded his MP3 with the songs from the game. He has come to me, mortified, at the lyrics to one of the Rage Against the Machine songs, and confessed that he thinks I would not like it if I knew he was listening to it. (tee hee--Love my O) I want to build him a library of CLASSIC, EPIC albums that he should be familiar with.
Please, if you are normally a lurker, leave me something in the comments.
I started a debate in the office as to whether I should give him The Wall, or Dark Side of the Moon, or if Pink Floyd is just Smokin' music and I should keep it as far away from him as possible.
Which Rush album (can I pick 2, pleeease?)
In terms of a twelve year old, don't you think WAR would be more appealing than Joshua Tree?
Bob Marley, the Doors, even the Beatles can be greatest hits albums. But what MODERN albums belong (Other than Nevermind by Nirvana)? I would think Green Day would have to be in there--Are the Beastie Boys just an 80's sentimental favorite or a noteworthy reference?
Is it evil of me to make him write a report on each of these bands over the summer, one a week, as punishment for crappy grades? Mom's Version of summer school, since I WENT to summer school when I was a kid, and I know that he would meet all the WRONG kids and bond with them and become the central valley pre-teen I've been raising him NOT to be? Did that even make sense to you?
Help me, people-- give me your recommendations for a well rounded rock education.


Anonymous said...

You have to get him "london Calling" by the Clash!

Bunny said...

I totally agree with Gretty on the Clash. No music education is complete without them. I think Pink Floyd is NOT just smoking music, so go for it. Beastie Boys must be included. Toss in a little Springsteen, some Metallica, and B-52s (Rock Lobster) and I think you'll be cool.

Miss Expatria said...

If he has crappy grades, DEFINITELY make him do album reviews for the summer. He'll get used to writing, and he'll have a cool story to tell the girls when he's all grown up nd the coolest guy ever.

As for albums - jeez, where to begin? Robert Johnson, Clapton, Stones, Who, Muddy Waters, Pink Floyd, Rush, Clash, Sex Pistols, AC/DC, Ozzy, Metalica, where would it END?

crse said...

oh my god. I LOVE YOU. Do you know I love you? How about the Final Cut. What kills me is my right wing born again brother plays guitar hero. HA

SQT said...

Led Zeppelin and The Who are always favorites of mine. Modern rock? Tough. Is Guns N' Roses too hard? I'm not sure I'd push that on my kids yet.

My daughter can already identify Elvis, The Cure, Madonna and Duran Duran anytime she hears them. It's not Led Zeppelin, but it's a start.

KC Sponge said...

Um - is that Pokemon Puzzle you're talking about? NOTHING will ever replace the PP.

But, for more contemporary epics, The Offspring's "Smash" and Hole's "Live Through This" are two of my faves, even in their Tier II classification. Radiohead has to be included if you have Pink Floyd in there. PJ Harvey as well.

Nice to find you . . .