Monday, March 24

Happy Rabbits!

My heart broke just a little this weekend.
Big O has decided he's too old for Eggs.
He was very sweet to his sister, he wasn't surly and "too cool", just told her she would have more fun than he would. 
He didn't want to dye eggs with us Saturday night, and didn't want to hunt the eggs on Sunday. 
He helped Little O find eggs when she was stuck, but didn't want to hunt them himself. 
My boy really IS turning into a teenager.  Right down to the desperately needs a haircut.


Bunny said...

I'm dreading that day with my son. He's only 7 now, but I know it will come sooner than I expect.


Factor 10 said...

Thanks, Bunny!

Little O picked up the eggs, and the ones that had ants on 'em got spiked back to the ground with a squeal and little dance.

I really will cry when she's too old for it all.

crse said...

ACK!!! SAY IT AINT SO!!! We need to have another baby Jenn. do. Because this could happen to little O one day and then what?