Tuesday, July 1

I loooooove Brown eyes. These are my favorites...

Big O at about 2.

Little O at about 3.

The Honey at about 3.
I don't actually have anything significant to say, I'm just so so happy to have internet access again. Which is the only reason for the sherbert colors--just because I can!
Frantically cramming in reading trying to catch up with y'all!
Okay, I DO have two Little O stories.
The other night politics were on the news as Miss Priss colored on the living room rug. They flashed to Condaleeza Rice speaking at a news conference. Little O looks up and shouts,
"Wait a minute...Barak Obama is a LADY?!?!?!"
Hey, ten points for political awareness, if not correctness!

And now we move on to the politically correct part of our tale...
Little O wanders into the bedroom as I'm putting laundry away, and says,
"Mama, what are retardeds?"
So I launch into a very careful explanation about people who are different and mean names, blah blah blah. Her eyes did NOT get big as saucers, they got narrower, and by the end of my explanation her head was tilted and her eyes were scrunched, and she says,
"Okay, but how do they help the fires?"
Er, that would be retardent, not retardeds. Let me start again--nobody is dropping Corky out of an airplane. I am so screwing up my kids.

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Pendullum said...

Thank you for my morning laugh!