Monday, July 14


So my very dear bloggy sister CRSE and I have noticed a certain cosmic sync in the brainwaves. This may impress you, this may scare the hell out of you--depends on if you have to live with us, I suspect.

I sent her latest stroke of genius over to Blogtations (even though what I reeeeally want is for them to make a category just for her categories--Sheer brilliance, I tell ya). Blogtations, of course, saw the light and posted her quote. Here's where the cosmic tin-can telephone thing comes in.

CRSE was inspired to publish for the bloggy world her second-grade prize winning poem about the noble giraffe. I happen to have a giraffe in my purse. How many times can you say that in your life? I happened to have a giraffe in my purse. It was given to me by a very earnest 8 year old last night.


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Anonymous said...

You. Are. My. Hero. If I ever make it big, Im so taking you with me.