Wednesday, July 9

I'm not a Doctor,

...But I play one on TV.

Okay, I don't play one on TV either. I don't even play Doctor with the Honey. He doesn't like them--But he's had a sharp pain off and on in his stomach for the last few days. Call a Dr.? Never!

He doesn't even want me to call my parents (nurses, both of 'em).

So I took it upon myself to help him the best I could last night, by singing him to sleep with every "Doctor" song I could think of. If you are going to whine and complain about how you feel but won't do anything about it, I have free reign to annoy the ever living shit out of you until you grow up and do something about it--preferably the pain, not my singing, that is.

So we sang Robert Palmer's "Doctor Doctor", along with the "Witch Dr" song by the Chipmunks, and I thought I was going to sing the doctor line from "Life in the Fast Lane" by the Eagles, but what came out was the line from Hotel California. I ended my serenade of purposeful stupidity and callous indifference with that old Harry Nilsson favorite, "Lime in the Coconut"--Little O, again having spent too much time with her Brother and Guitar Hero, turned that last Doc-tor! into something that would not have been out of place in an Iron Maiden song, complete with air microphone and one hand thrown straight up into the air when she took that note to the canine range. I had to stop at that point because I could in no way top her.

Rock On, Little O. Right in your father's ear.


Anonymous said...

and this is why you are my soul sister. Plus, I told little O's line about rocking all night and probably everyday to several people. That girl is pure gold.

Maria said...

So...the pain. Is it gone now? Try some milk with nutmeg and see if that helps, yes?

Factor 10 said...

She IS. She did stand up last night in the living room, and while her jokes are kinda franken-jokes (the beginning of one stitched very badly onto the end of another), her timing and delivery are dead on.

Milk with nutmeg? I will totally try that the next time it comes!

Thanks Maria!