Thursday, July 24

I'll buy THAT for a dollar!

Can you tell me what movie that's from?

As the mother of a long haired five year old girl, I gotta tell you, I suck. I don't know how those Mexican mamas get those laser sighted parts in their daughters' hair. My poor girl is the frizzy braided, slightly off center one in the class pictures. I'm sure all of her teachers suspect I'm a drunk. But my one ray of hope has been the dollar store. You kind of have to dig for them, but they have some cute clippies and pins and things, and I can buy enough of them that it's okay when Little O loses them all.

(I kind of picture her on the playground like the witch that chased bugs bunny, hairpins flying. Crows must love her. )

On slow days, I'll wander the REST of the dollar store, and my goal is to someday be able to compose an entire blog post like this:

Easy to be dry after delegating
no peculiar smell
becteria are hard to live.

So very true.....


On a side note, I'm geeked out that Annie left me a comment, because of all the things in the blogosphere that I covet? One of Annie's buttons for the Gaggle of Whiny Whores is at the top. I love that she posts the code and lets you claim it if you want it, but I fear that I just don't have the chops to put one on my blog--Dog knows I've got the whiny thing down, but I think I found her through IT2M, and I was waaaaay too chicken to ever toy with them. I like my paperthin ego intact!

But I think the Gaggle of Whiny Whores is much better suited to me than the Thinking Blogger ever was....



crseum said...

Oh shut up, you are at least a thinking whiny whore! (I don't find you whiny though. You are too gritty for that)

Ash said...

I'm the mother of the child whose bangs are always in her face. No matter how many fucking barrettes I buy.