Monday, July 7

Okay, forget whether or not you wanted to go to war.

This young man was a hero. One of thousands born amidst the shitstorm of chaos that is the Iraq war. He is dead at his own hand, because we did not have the support systems in place to help him come to terms with what he went through.

Vote for the candidates who can SEE the need for serious long term support systems for these young men and women. Because this is going to be bigger than the baby boomers retiring. If you don't give a rat's ass about someone who volunteered to go to war, maybe you'll give a rat's ass that they're going to be the next socio-economic burden on this country--We can be Pro-active and give these HEROES the support they have Earned through blood and misery, or we can be reactive and pay for the traumas as they snap under the pressures. WE owe it to these kids to be pro-active.

Jesus, how sad. How much of his Halliburton money is Dick Cheney going to give for the kids he sent to war?

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