Monday, January 7

Bre has a theory...

Her theory is that the world will one day be ruled by the children of immigrants.  Yeah, I get that we're all immigrants in America, we're talking about those precocious 10 year olds that conduct all business for their parents who speak no English.  Some of these kids have a better grasp on life than most ADULTS we deal with.
It was a conscious decision to have Big O interact with adults in little ways, like asking for a box at the pizza parlor, to foster that sense of how to behave in the adult world.  In writing this post, I am not sure I've done that with Little O.  She pulls the baby card a lot, and we let her.  Part of that is her father's inability to stomach whining.  He just caves in a surly way, just to stop the racket.  It's one of the things I could just smack him for.  Calm and consistent is not in his genetic make up.  In retrospect we may have been TOO calm with Big O, but I'm not sold on the Honey's method either.  It's definitely a style clash sometimes. 
Counting to 3 worked wonders with Big O in terms of keeping it calm and matter of fact.  They Honey thinks obedience should be instant--therefore he refuses to count, but then he caves, so what does he THINK is going to happen?  I need some subliminal tapes.  Or a shock collar. Maybe a taser for the whole crew. 
OOOOOOOHHH! I was supposed to be positive. 
I am positive that I will give you the story of my sweet elderly landlady tomorrow. 


SQT said...
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SQT said...

I think the later-day immigrants (that we're seeing today) have the work ethic our great-great grandparents had when they immigrated to the U.S.

Growing up in the U.S., we've never really known what it is to go without or to live under a seriously oppressive government. I didn't appreciate this myself until I went to school in Japan. Japan is a wealthy country without governmental oppression but it still doesn't come close to the U.S. We have so got it made here. I mean, only in a country that is completely spoiled could something like political correctness take root.

bananas62 said...

10-4 on that! My mom never made it to 2 before I straightened up and flew right! Of course now in retrospect, I ask her what she would do if she got to 3...??? she just smiles and said I don't know!
who knew!!!!!

Mert said...

oh yes the whining... yeesh. We keep explaining that it only makes us more mad, but they keep hoping it's going to work.

I like the shock collar idea