Friday, January 4

Power's Out since 6 am

Little O was thoroughly freaked out.
Today I am thankful that my children are well behaved enough that when emergencies come up, I can drag them in to my work and they sit miserable and quiet. 
Okay, Big O is quietly reading and Little O is miserable.  She has coloring books and stickers, but the need to chatter incessantly is inherent in a five year old.  She is a tough little soldier, though, and sings quiet little songs as she colors.
This will not last--it CAN'T last.  
That's okay, it just has to last until my lunch.  I'll take them home then, power or not.  Big O can have my cell phone and I'll buy them CrackDonald's, and it will be light enough to SEE, at least.  If Big O is consigned to a day of Candyland and Chutes & Ladders, well, there are worse fates...
She got Pretty Pretty Princess for Christmas!
I love my O's.  


Kal said...

LOL - kids of the 21st century, eh? Where a power outage freaks us out. :)

Mert said...

Poor O's! You made me snort at Crack Donalds;)

bananas62 said...

Hey I love your little O's too! They were very good kids! You should be proud! My kids totally were bored with power outages too.. thank God for battery operated electronics!