Monday, January 14

More on that trip later, but first.....

Poor Katie Holmes.
For her sake, I hope she really is blissfully married and that he's not a psycho control freak.
But her appearance on Good Morning America could not have been more robotic and bland. 
Send some prayers, mojo, or juju (whatever your flavor)  to Fresno tomorrow.
My best Jen's family is going through some stuff, and I'm sending all my love...
I feel the need for a disclaimer, my Ireland story is nothing spectacular, as I was much too shy for an epic tale...
(When the choir from my high school went, they got to shake hands with U2.   They were all getting off of their respective planes at the same time. 
I cried when I heard that.  In front of all of my polyeser clad Taco Bell co-workers, I stood there with big fat tears rolling down my cheeks because so many unworthy people got to meet them and none of them mentioned how important the Unforgettable Fire had been to ME in my high school years.  My summer spent slaving in burgundy polyester never felt more unfair.)

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