Thursday, January 10

random bullets, a la CRSE.

* Got my birthday card! YAY! I feel like their kid again.

* My mom called to tell me that she is almost out of peppermint marshmallows, and she has become addicted to them, She demanded more. Immediately! Her birthday is in February, and I am toying with the idea of Mochamallows...have to give this some thought...

* tons o' work, so my posting is down

* my yahoo is screwy so no access to flikr right now--sorry the blog is so plain.

* CHUUUUUUUUCK! Post something for fuck's sake! KIIIIM! Post something more often, or okay, just email me, chick! AAAAN! Thank dog you're back!

* I miss Greg Beck when I see the story about the guy who cut off his hand because he thought it had the mark of the beast on it. He took a circular saw and whacked it off(buzzed it off?). He cooked it in the microwave and called the police.

* I think of CRSE when I see on Oprah that there really is a reason for buoyant pooh. (It's probably been a year, but the line about apparently eating a lot of cork still cracks me up)

* Ooh, the landlady. In the middle of December she told us she couldn't pay the heater guy so we should just pay him and then take it out of our rent. I reminded her that her daughter had warned me against just that kind of thing. She got miffed and said it was none of her daughter's business (RED flag, anyone?). We had her pay the initial consultaion fee, and instead of the six hundred his company would have charged, the guy came back and did it under the table for one eighty. Let me remind y'all that this was freaking Christmas, and we had to come up with a hundred and eighty dollars. Now she has no memory of this, and feels like we have scammed her. I know she was scammed by the previous tenants, but I HATE that she thinks we are dong that to her. It makes me feel dirty, when I could have insisted that SHE write a check that day, but I didn't because she didn't have it. ugh.


Ash said...

you could have written her a check and then she could have written them a check.
I'm just sayin'

Mert said...

Looks like you need to write the land lady a few notes beside the checks sheesh. I hope I don't lose it when i get older... I'm already forgetful.

That segment of oprah was pretty gross. Yeah, the reason for floaty pooh is parasites, terrific!