Wednesday, January 2

JanJenJuPoMoPoPoEnTodo: Day 1 (okay, 2, shut up already)

I am going to remain positive, not beat my self up for missing the first day of my new thang.
Does that count as my positive thing for the day?  Because the crazies are out in force. 
'08 can be declared el Ano Loco. 
Can I say that on January second?
"Year of the Nutjob" in English.
"Year of the ill-informed and unreasonably belligerent" in New-Age politically correct crapspeak.
"Year of the chronically stupid and heavily inbred" in the bitter shrewish tones I am trying to control?
"Have you been drinking?  NO-- today, ARE YOU DRUNK, MOTHERF*CKER?  Are you spitting and flipping out over (insert crazy ass reason here) because you have been tossing them back all morning?"  I don't know how to turn that into a year of....
Yep.  It's that year already, and it's just 11:46 west coast time.  I love my job.  I do. 

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gretty said...

I think we should just try for a better Chinese New Year ;)