Tuesday, November 28


My Uber boss, who isn't hard on the eyes, is growing a goatee.

Hmm. The problem is that I adore men in goatees.

I don't want to be one of the legion of office girls crushin' on the

There are worse things in life, I suppose.

But I blush. Easily.

sigh. whatever.

Happy Tuesday.


With the bald head and the goat, he may look a little like Satan. At least I'm hoping...I'll just picture him red with horns, and I'll be laughing instead of blushing.


Just T said...

lol I'm a sucka for a guy with a goatee too. Only once have I ever seen hubby without one and I made him grow it back haha

have fun eying off the boss and his new goatee ;)

Sayre said...

I love facial hair! While my husband is quite handsome when clean-shaven, my knees go weak when he's got his beard and mustache...

bananas62 said...

Yes, our uber boss is looking quite yummy, isn't he!!!!

The "Mind" said...

Mmm, total sucka for a goatee, too. I keep trying to talk Pman into one. Purrr.

Oh, and you've been tagged!