Monday, November 27


You know that lovely boneless feeling you get after good sex?

Or the post Thanksgiving dinner feeling when you have to look at that
last little bit of pie and you have to turn it down because you cannot
imagine eating one more thing?

My brain is like that today.

My man went to work on Saturday and Sunday, and I had a whole weekend
with no obligations (eww, except the faux purse party, which I forgot
all about once they told me the bags went for $100. FOR FAKES!?!?!).
Did I mention the brown paper bag full of books that my mom gave me on
the 4th?

Oh yeah... I read six books this weekend, not a redeeming quality
amongst them. Unless you count Number ten in the Janet Evanovich

I drove little O nuts with that one.

"Are there funny words again, mama?"

"AGAIN, mama?"

When I grow up, I wanna be Stephanie Plum, with a Ranger and a Morelli,
and a Grandma Mazur. I'm torn on a Lula.



kim said...

OMG You have #10 ?!?!?!?! wait did I read that one ....
Stephanie rocks and I want a Morelli with a side of Ranger *sigh

bananas62 said...

I am (not) so secretly in love with Ranger! I know he's fictitious kind of guy, but can you imagine..."Babe" and you turn around and there is a handsome man looking at ya!? Babe is the only word you need!!! and Kim, I will take Ranger with a side of Morelli! I wish I were Stephanie...

Sayre said...

Oh, a weekend with NO obligations and a bag of books sounds like heaven. Probably because I will have to DIE to get a weekend like that.

quinn said...

awww yeah ..well I have no clue about this posting really ...I read the first line ...ummm ...alot..kinda caught me off guard and I have yet to recover lmao.

crse said...

god am i jealous on so many levels. Well jealous and hopeful! Only three more years til i have some sense of freedom to read as opposed to fighting with little bodies even to open the computer!